About us

We are a team reaching most of the internet users in Turkey,
consisted of more than 30 talented people

CNT Interactive Inc. is one of the biggest content website network in Turkey with its successful projects as Tamindir.com, Oyunkolu.com and Turunculevye.com. Our projects are lively, participatory and interacting and due to its huge influence on audiences with its network it affects digital trends of Turkey.

The area of our expertise covers creating and managing content websites, finding best solutions to advertisers who targets niche categories, software and mobile application distribution and also localization with our high visitor traffic volume for download, technology, mobile and game categories.

As a team, we aim to provide qualified internet platforms and services for internet users and try to achieve this goal with an ambition for enhancing our service.




Take a tour of our CNT Interactive HQ and discover where we turn our ideas into reality.

Our Works

CNT Interactive Inc.’s aim is to create and manage content websites to fulfill internet
users’ needs on technology, software, mobile application and gaming categories.

Tamindir – One download source of all platforms


Tamindir.com was launched in 2004 as a software download website and now it is the biggest download website of Turkey with monthly 10 million unique visitors and more than 12 million downloads both from mobile and pc platforms. Tamindir.com is a complete resource for software, application and game reviews and have an important place in software and mobile application distribution on Turkish market.

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Oyun Kolu – Get lost in games


Oyunkolu.com was launched in 2008 as a flash games website and now with its 5 million unique visitors both from pc and mobile it can be accepted as one of the most popular flash games website in Turkey. Oyunkolu.com includes most popular games in nearly 40 categories as car games, 3d games, games for girls, action games.

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Turuncu Levye – Choice of Gamers


Turunculevye.com was launched in 2013 and it has a goal to deliver the best content about gaming in Turkey. Besides news, reviews about pc, console and mobile games in text, Turunculevye.com also creates unique video content and aiming to become like a TV channel which targets only gamers and differentiate itself from other websites in the same niche.

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100% Qibla Finder – Mecca compass


100% Qibla Finder helps muslims to find Qibla direction all around the World. The direction of Kaaba in Mecca (Makkah) is pointed out with an arrow on the map, so that you can adjust your direction before you start your prayer.

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We are located in Izmir that is the beautiful and sunny city of Turkey.